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Rocky Tops
Country & Western Dancer's Yorkshire
Rocky Tops Supporting Charities
June 2001  M.S. Oxygen Therapy Unit                                                      
                                                                                                                                    £  250

Oct 2002 Alzheimer's Society, York                                                                                   £  350

2003/4 Purchase of a adjustable bed for St, Michael's Hospice and Planters     
for their garden.                                                                 Just over                               £1,600

June 2004  Ripon Hospital League of Friends for Palliative Community care.                          £  300

From 2005 to 2009  Supported Allsorts by paying the rent for a drop-in centre
which is held in an indoor play ground, where children with special needs can
play safely with their parents, or chat to other parents , or talk to representatives
from the child development centre or Carer's Resource
After 5 years the government recognized this organization. So now it is funded by
N,Y,C,C, community fund. Rocky Tops are still involved annually, funding parties
at Halloween and Christmas where each child receive a present from Santa, we help
where we can.                                                                             To date                         £2375

July 2006 St, John's hall where we  hold our dance classes, helped to wards refurbishing
 the kitchen.                                                                                                                    £ 100

March 2007 The Yorkshire Air Ambulance attended an accident, all the family died
except one small boy, The medic's who were involved were so moved they felt they
wanted to do something to help him. They set up a charity in his name.                                £ 100

November 2007. Allsorts children, a Library of books                                                          £ 100

May 2008 Harrogate Hospital Radio's new studio.                                                               £1,100

August 2009 Rocky is the name of the Golden Retriever which we purchased for
the Guide Dog's Association. We were able to follow Rocky's progress for the first
year. He first visited us at the festival at six month's old. When he moved on from
the puppy walker he went to the training centre at Bolton, we then lost touch with him.          £5000         

January 2010 Follifoot Park Disabled Riders, 40 new high visibility vests.                              £  200

May 2010 Singer Chrissy Byrne, Merseyside.Viewing a calendar [Model's of country
singers] Raised £28-60. Rocky Tops made it up to £50 For Chrissy's charity 
Bone Cancer Research.                                                                                                     £   50

August 2010 Rocky Tops purchased a complete suit for a R.N.L.I. crew member .
At that time we were told that the actual Life Jacket was about to be up graded.
So we hope to purchase a new one at sometime.                                                               £1 500 

February 2012 Sponsored country singer Bobby D Sawyer to have his pony tail cut
off and donate it to the Little Princess Trust, who produce wigs for children. Should 
any one wish to donate please go to Bobby's web page.                                                     £   100
April 2012. Rocky Tops at the Brymbo Festival gave a helping hand to raise £400 for Derian House Children's Hospice, Chorley. £200 of which was raised by Rocky Tops from the weekend, the other £200 was from other donations.  A big thank you to all.

As you all know Rocky Tops Darley Festival was held at the end of May, Everybody appeared to enjoy themselves. The charity this time was the R.N.L.I. from Filey, Two crew members came and gave us all a demonstration of the new Life Jackets, which was very impressive, i might add.                                                                             Total cost was  £  700

A big thank you must also go to Alwena for her effort making her cards and bringing them along. She donated the proceeds
to the R.N.L.I.                                                                                                   Total      £    24

Darren Busby / Darren Anthony did a brilliant Cycle ride from Lands Ends to John o' Groats .     £ 50

Brymbo Easter Festival charity for 2013 was Hope House Childrens Hospice Wrexham A big thank
you to Alwena who is Rocky Tops Welsh representative, and what a great job her and Graham 
do for us.                                                                                                                         £350

Rocky Tops held a well attended festival at Eggborough over the weekend 30/31/1st of June 2013, 
Our charity this time was for the R.N.L.I. which received a cheque for the total of £1000 which is the cost to retrain a crew member.                                                                                               

Brymbo Easter 2014 gave to two charities this year, first one was a little chap who is suffering from Cystic fibrosis. That was made up by purchasing £50 worth of raffle tickets for this Hamper, we won it, then auctioned
it off making £75, Rocky Tops then donated £25 to total.                                                       £ 100                                           the second charity was Nightingale House Hospice [ Wrexham ], that again came from Alwena's
home made cards, Rocky Tops, and donations.                                                                    £  250                    

At the Eggborough Festival 2014 Rocky Tops donated an AED to the St John Ambulance, Selby Unit                                                                                                                                 £  775

Rocky Tops presented a lady called Tania with a new shed. Tania has had MS since she was 24
and needs her wheelchair every day to take her 5 year old to school. Previously, Tania had
to cover her chair with a builders bag. [ More holes than bag ].
Rocky Tops purchased AED for themselves, plus training                                                        £1200
Brymbo Festival chose a local disabled riding school for their charity this year. Clwyd Special Riding Centre. 20 Head Collars, 20 Lead Reins, 20 Saddle Rugs & eight Back Rest.                                                                             £1000
At the Eggborough Festival [2015] we donated a Zoll AED. Which will be kept on the premises of the Sports & Social Club. £1000.

We had two give aways this Easter, Brymbo Club it's self [ 2016 ] which was another AED         £1170
the cost was £1170. Dynamics, is a Centre for children and young people with disabilities.
They received an Ipad and an unbreakable case, with 2 years warrenty.                                    £400.

The Charity for 2016 at Eggborough was one we had not heard of untill two months before the Festival , they are called N.Y.C.R.
or North Yorksire Community Response. Providing Logistical Support in Times of Adversity, Web page is www.nycr.org.uk
Rocky Tops donation was an Zoll AED, much to there surprise, the cost was                             £1200.

The Charity for 2017 at Brymbo was one called Pedal Power Cycling for All. The purchase was a new electric powered bike.                                                                                                          £900  

Our Charity at the Eggborough Festival was for Mind of Harrogate which consisted of all music equipment that Chris Raddings chose for us to give them.                                                       £500
The Charity for 2018 at Brymbo was called BLOOD BIKES from Wrexham, they supported 
us very well with Flags ,Banners, but most of all personel. thank you Blood Bikes. £800
Again, at the Eggborough Festival  the Charity was another BLOOD BIKES from York called the WHITE KNIGHTS.
Both Charity's chose a Computer and a Projector for demonstrations. £600.